Mission Makeover

July 30, 2016
For some time now, my big sister and I had been trying to get together to take mom for a makeover. This past Saturday, we made it happen!
We met up at our local fabric store. I needed help finding the right fabric to make me some head wraps. My conditions make it difficult and painful for me to wash and style my hair, so I figured head wraps would cut down my hair maintenance time. Sis suggested I look for light, stretchy fabrics. I found 5 pieces! 😊


Afterwards, we took mom for her makeover at the Clinique counter at one of our local department stores. I think my sister and I were more excited than mom. Mom has beautiful skin to begin with so we asked the makeup artist (MUA) to give her a refreshed, natural, everyday look. One of the memorable moments was when mom saw the winged eyeliner that been applied… HAHAHAHAHA!! Let’s just say mom was NOT a fan! She wouldn’t let the MUA continue until she was sure the MUA was aware of how much she disliked it. My sister and I were dying laughing, mom was NOT! The wings were clipped and the makeover continued. Once completed, the makeover was a success! We all loved it! My sis and I thought the colors chosen for mom made all the difference. We bought mom most of the products applied during her makeover and went to lunch so mom could strut her stuff. Over lunch we shared more laughs at the expense of the MUA and mom. It felt good to laugh like that. I love those ladies!



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