Have Fun. Eat up.

​I am entering the second phase of my life. I’m 42 years old and considering my future. During this process I have been in constant battle with my thoughts… wishes versus realities. Consider purchasing a home for you and your spouse (your children are grown). What type of home popped into your head? Now consider your health. Has your wants been replaced by your needs? If so, this is what I’m experiencing. Choosing vacation destinations, events, shoes, clothes, etc are not as easy as it used to be. Before getting sick, I never gave these topics much thought. I’m going here. I’m going to do this. I’m wearing this. That was that! Fast forward to today… How long is the flight? Will there be a lot of walking? Stairs? Elevator? Sun shelter? These questions help me to plan and prepare accordingly.  To combat the heavy anxiety going out brings, this past weekend I decided to through caution to the wind and fly by the seat of my pants.

This past Saturday, my cousin and I decided to go checkout this seafood restaurant in Sea Isle City. As we were driving down the Parkway we noticed how crowded the northbound lanes were. Determined to get our seafood fix, we ignored all of the warnings and signs. So what the weather forecast called for Tropical Storm effects. Who cares that very little people, including us, were driving toward the storm, while carloads  were fleeing from that direction?!?  Surely not we foodies… 😂😂😂 

The closer we got to Sea Isle the more windy it got. We get to the restaurant only to find that the staff were “caught” in traffic and the town was under “evacuation.”  The cook was there and offered us directions off the island, bypassing the traffic on the Parkway. We made it back to our area and settled on this: 

It was good, but no buttery lobster roll. A couple of  hours later the restaurant posted pics of the staff playing with gigantic lobster claws. 

Sunday and Monday were family fun days filled with love, laughter and food!!! Family barbecue on Sunday and fishing on Monday… 

 This past weekend turned  out to be one of the best weekends of this summer!!  I didn’t let my anxiety get the better of me and everything turned out great!


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