Healing (Pics and Suggestions)

*”FYI, this post contains graphic pictures of my surgery sites.

As a normal person would imagine, the surgeries left me extremely sore and exhausted. However, I’ve never considered myself normal, so I thought that I’d bounce back as quickly as I had so many times before. 

Even though my plastic surgeon warned me that the skin graft donor site would be extremely pain, I underestimated the pain. 

Right After Surgery
Right After Surgery

Immediately after the surgery, it felt like my skin was seared off. Walking was difficult. Applying any type of pressure to that area felt like abuse.

Medical supplies used to treat this area include:Skin Graft Wound SuppliesSkin Graft Wound Supplies

Day 1 Skin Graft Donor Site
Day 1 Skin Graft Donor Site

*DO NOT LET THE GAUZE GET STUCK ON THE YELLOW PAD. Removing the gauze felt like my meat was being snatched out of my thigh… complete torture!

Day 4 Skin Graft
Day 4 Skin Graft      
                                          Wide excision biopsy w/skin graft pic 4 days after surgery during my 1st post op appointment with Plastic Surgeon. This is when it hit me that I have Cancer.

6 Day of Skin Graft
6 Day of Skin Graft

Medical supplies used to treat this area include:

Suggestions for this surgery: 

Loose shorts and pants, flowy skirts and dresses for comfort. As previously stated,  you don’t want anything tight against that graft site. I wore tights to the surgery because they were comfortable…BIG MISTAKE!! The medical supplies rolled off the skin graft site and my leggings got stuck on the wound. OUCH!!😭

As for the excision site, I suggest wearing short sleeve shirts. After 10 days this wound doesn’t bother me as much. It is still sore if touched, but left alone it is fine.
Negative: I’m a stomach sleeper. Sleeping was very difficult. If you don’t have a bed rest pillow, GET ONE!! You’re more than likely going to sleep sitting up or at least propped up on pillows. This pillow will be very useful.

Positive: After a week of washing up, you can take a shower!πŸšΏπŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒ OMG! That first shower felt like a vacation! πŸ–πŸ˜Ž

Still awaiting lymph node biopsy results…


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