The Lymphadenectomy Results Are In!

Yesterday, my hubby, our son, and I went to the Oncologist yesterday. The good news is that the two axillary nodes (underarm) tested cancer free. However, the epitrochlear‚Äč node (elbow) tested positive for Merkel Cell Carcinoma. I wasn’t surprised, the PETScan and ultrasound taken before ¬†the surgery showed possible involvement in that region.

The Oncologist mentioned two possible treatments, radiation and/or another surgery to remove the rest of the epitrochlear lymph nodes. The Oncologist stated that he, the Oncology surgeon, and a Radiation oncologist will meet up and discuss my best option. In the meantime, he asked me to meet with the Radiation oncologist. My appointment with the Oncology surgeon is in a couple days. I hope that his assistant can get me in to see the Radiation oncologist on the same day.

My current Oncologist specializes in Skin Cancer, but only treats between 6-12 people with Merkel Cell Carcinoma (MCC). This is why I’m going for a second opinion in New Brunswick with an Oncologist that specializes in MCC. While I’m waiting for my second opinion appointment, I will continue meeting with my current team at MD Anderson at Cooper.

To lift my spirits after appointments like this, I try to plan fun stops, before heading home. After this appointment we went to IKEA, my favorite store away from home!



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